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Sarah Patch


Find freedom and become empowered

I help young adults who feel trapped and stuck in life to find their voices, define their values, and live authentically.


My clients share the struggles that you face. Despite being individuals with strong conviction, unmatched perseverance and passionate ambition, they battle a persistent sense of inferiority and self-doubt.


When people first see me, they are full of stress, anxiety, and fear. They make decisions to please others and avoid punishment. They can't seem to find order in the chaos of their lives. Their fear of what others think and lack of confidence keep them feeling stuck under a crushing weight of expectation from others and themselves.


Before coming to see me, their brains felt more like an enemy than a vital organ. Their ability to trust themselves and others had collapsed. They worried that life would be a never ending cycle of battling their own brains and trying to read other people's minds. They settled on a bleak belief system that they were "failures" and that other people had life "figured out". 

Like my clients, you deserve to understand your brain so that you can be in the driver's seat of your life. You deserve to find safe connection with others without living in fear of them. To pursue your goals with confident anticipation.

If you want to move towards a life of freedom and empowerment, I would love to help you get there. Simply send me a message through the contact form below.


Life can be different and I can help. Let's work together!

Hi there! I'm Sarah

I have been married for over 9 years to my best friend John. We have two dogs named Moose and Tala who are my world. I throw them birthday parties and buy them expensive things that they never use. Just your average millennial dog mom.  I'm an entrepreneur at heart and have pursued candle making, photography and interior design in both personal and professional avenues. 

I work with individuals who have ADHD (or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), trauma and those with personal histories of involvement with authoritarian groups and controlling relationships. (You might even call some of these experiences "cult-like"). I also treat a wide array of anxiety and depression diagnoses. I am passionate about helping people find freedom and confidence so that they can live their ideal lives - the lives that always felt just out of reach.  I am lucky enough to have had counselors that empowered me and showed me paths towards healing and it's a privilege to do the same for others. 

I went to The Ohio State University for my undergraduate degree in Human Development and Family Sciences and received my master's degree from Ashland Theological Seminary in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. My classes consisted of training in cultural competency, abnormal psychology, family systems, ethics, counseling theory and techniques, clinical diagnosis, and more.  In 2018 I received my LPC (licensed professional counselor) licensure and in March of 2022 I received my LPCC (licensed professional clinical counselor) licensure. I am also trained in EMDR therapy.

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About Me
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Contact Me


I'm excited to hear from you! Please contact me with any questions you have about the counseling process, to schedule a FREE 10-15 minute consult and/or to set up an initial therapy appointment. I hope I am a good fit for your needs, and if I'm not I can help to point you in another good direction. 

6175 Memorial Dr.

Dublin, OH 43017

Tel: 614-219-9334

Be sure to check your spam folder in case my response to your message ends up there!

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