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Image by Amy Humphries


You're stressed, overwhelmed and discouraged by constant messages of your potential and giftedness but feel that you haven't been seeing the fruit of those things in your life. You have goals and dreams but feel unable to reach them. You're struggling to find order in all of the chaos. Together we can work towards a balanced and organized life that still has zest and excitement!

Image by Alexander Solodukhin


You often overlook or miss important details, can be scatterbrained, and struggle with follow through. Friends describe you as disorganized and you tend to avoid tasks that involve sustained attention. Important items always seem to be lost or misplaced.

Image by Ivana Cajina


You might find yourself fidgeting, squirming, feeling restless, having difficulty with sitting still, and being unable to engage in leisure activities quietly. 

Image by Peter Conlan


Despite your best efforts, you find yourself talking excessively, interrupting others, and having difficulty with waiting.

I have invested in extensive continuing education on how to help those with executive functioning difficulties. This training has equipped me with tools that I can share with you to help you get where you want and need to go.


Contact me to begin the process of understanding and working with your brain instead of against it!

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