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You're mentally and physically drained from worry and fear. Regardless of your circumstances, you can't seem to shake your nerves. Being in the present moment feels impossible as thoughts of the future flood your brain. You can experience relief from anxiety's grip, you just might need some help in getting there. 


Worry and fear

No matter how hard you try, you find yourself worrying about worst case scenarios and "what ifs". 

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Relationship difficulties

Relationships can be difficult due to feeing irritable and avoiding situations that heighten your feelings of anxiety and worry.

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Physical pain & panic atttacks

Feeling restless and on edge can lead to both muscle tension and sleep disturbances. You might have even experienced panic attacks that leave you feeling out of control and scared.

I am no stranger to anxiety and the pain that it can inflict. I utilize a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy to address the symptoms that you face. These therapy modalities have been clinically proven to help resolve anxiety symptoms. Let's work together to free you from anxiety's grip!

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