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Image by Bernard Hermant


Life feels dull and gray. No matter how much you want to engage in the present moment, your lack of energy and motivation leaves you numb and frozen. Hope is a word that has lost its meaning and at this point you're note sure which direction in life is "up". 

Image by Joshua Rawson-Harris

Negative moods

Feelings of sadness, emptiness and hopelessness are relentless. Bad days seem more common than good ones. Tearfulness and crying spells feel more familiar than laughter and warmth.

Image by Kitera Dent

Loss of interest

Things that once brought you joy are no longer enticing or stimulating. You wonder how you can keep up with daily responsibilities when you struggle to want to engage with your past joys.

Image by Dmitry Schemelev

Disruptions of energy

You might be sleeping too much or too little. Physically you feel slowed down and sluggish. Daily responsibilities like doing the dishes or showering can sometimes feel impossible.

Life can become bearable and vibrant again. We can work together to help you discover feelings of happiness and joy while tolerating distressing emotions rather than being defeated by them. 

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