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ADHD and College: The Master Plan

5 sessions (a $450 value!) of clinical info, exercises, and tips.

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Have you ever started the semester with hope and excitement only to finish it out with grades that were much lower than you had hoped? Is stress constantly knocking at your door during the school year? I am a licensed professional clinical counselor and a certified ADHD clinical services provider. Whether you have ADHD or are simply struggling to get the grades that you want, I have tools and insight that can help. No matter what major you have decided on, this material will be relevant to you. Save money and time in therapy by taking this educational class that will set you up well for your next college semester. Each session will be filled with clinical insights that will set you up for success in school. Session 1: Executive Functioning and Goal Setting: Learn about executive functioning skills, why they are so crucial to develop, and confidently identify your goals for the semester. Session 2: What are your executive functioning strengths and weaknesses? What abilities do you need to capitalize on this semester and which ones need more of your attention? Session 3: Managing Weaknesses: Setting your environment up for success Session 4: Practicing the Skills: Practice makes progress - Create a schedule and find ways to practice executive functioning skills in stimulating ways! Session 5: Rewards and Incentives: We need extrinsic motivation for tasks that our brains have a difficult time completing. Learn about creative ways to motivate and reward yourself for finishing out the semester strong!

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