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Succeed in school, conquer stress, and manage ADHD symptoms.

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2022 Spring Semester 6 Saturdays from 11:30AM-12:30PM (dates listed below) $35 per session per person or $210 total Have you ever started the semester with hope and excitement only to finish it out with grades that were much lower than you hoped for? Is stress constantly knocking at your door during the school year? I'm a licensed professional counselor and a certified ADHD clinical services provider. Whether you have ADHD or are simply struggling to get the grades that you want, I have tools and insight that can help. No matter what major you've decided on, this material will be relevant to you. Having the support of others who are also in your shoes will provide you with the emotional support and accountability you need to do well. DATES: 1/15/2022 Executive Functioning and Goal Setting Learn about executive functioning skills, why they're so crucial to develop, and confidently identify your goals for the semester. 1/29/2022 Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses What are your executive skill strengths and weaknesses? What abilities do you need to capitalize on this semester and which ones need more of your attention? 2/12/2022 Managing Weaknesses We might never be strong in the areas that we are naturally weak in but that does not mean there is no hope. How do we manage our weaknesses so that we set ourselves up for success? 3/5/2022 Managing Weaknesses Pt. 2 Learning how to manage 12 executive functioning skills will require two sessions of stimulating conversation and material. 3/26/2022 Hurdles and Difficulties Meeting a goal is not as simple as setting it and taking the right steps forward. Life happens and things get in the way. What do we do then? 4/16/2022 Semester Review Process the semester - what went well? What worked? What are your takeaways?

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