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Undue Influence

The decisions you make have often been to please others and avoid punishment. You're terrified of others and aren't sure who to trust - including yourself. You've missed out on so much in life due to experiences of control, coercion, and pressure. You might have even been a victim of a cult or a narcissist. Freedom and empowerment are just around the corner. Let's work together so you can have the true freedom you've always yearned for. 

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Co-dependency is the struggle to maintain healthy independence in relationships whether that is in decision making, a sense of identity, or emotional stability. You can find the beautiful balance of deep connection and autonomy.

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Grieving things that never came to be such as job opportunities or relationships can be agonizing. You might be grieving the loss of relationship with people who used to accept you. Find out what this deeply personal process can look like for you.

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Trust Issues

How do you determine who is trustworthy when no one is perfect? What are the red flags to look out for and how should one respond when they notice them in their relationships?

As someone who has experienced abuses of power, I can empathize with what you're going through. I can confirm that you are not crazy and help you sort through where your boundaries have been crossed in order to protect your future self and comfort your past self. 

Contact me to take back the control that has been taken from you. Let's work together!

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