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Life Transitions

Change is hard and it's been stretching you thin. You're struggling to embrace your current reality while grieving what life used to be. Not only have your circumstances changed, but you're scared that you're changing along with them. Your new responsibilities leave you feeling as if you're barely keeping your head above water. I love to help individuals not only adjust to new life circumstances, but thrive in them.

Image by Zhivko Minkov


Image by Kinga Cichewicz

Changes in identity

Image by Tim Gouw

Stress from new responsibilities

Change often results in relational shifts that leave you struggling to adapt. You feel distant from close friends and unsure of how to relate with new acquaintances.

You feel distant from who you were before your life change and struggle to connect with who you have become. 

Regardless of your tireless efforts, you constantly feel that you're struggling to keep up with the chaos.

Whether you're facing life changes such as attending college, moving, changing career paths, or taking on new family roles, I can help you to adapt and find your joy again.


Change is hard but it's even harder to do alone. I can be the support you need in order to thrive in your new life circumstances.

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