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Insurance & Fees

Out of Network Benefits

I provide confidential therapy for clients who use self pay or out of network benefits. If you are a person with a PPO Insurance plan, it is likely that you have benefits that will contribute to the cost of therapy. 

OON (out of network) Benefits are benefits that most persons with PPO plans have. This means that you can go to an "out of network" provider, and your insurance company will still contribute monetarily for your care. Most of the time, they end up paying more than 50%! Someone with a plan that has 50% coverage would pay me my normal out of pocket rate and insurance would directly reimburse them 50% of that rate. Due to every plan being different, I encourage you to contact your insurance using the suggested questions below to find out whether or not you have OON coverage and/or what your exact coverage is before getting started. 

Self Pay Rate

In the event that your insurance plan does not have out of network benefits and/or you would prefer to utilize self pay, my rate for an intake session (60 minutes) and all subsequent sessions (45-50 minutes) is $110. I offer free 10-15 minute phone consultations before starting the therapy process to ensure that we would be a good therapeutic fit as a protection against your valuable time and money being wasted. 

Accepted Forms of Payment

Accepted forms of payment include cash, checks, credit cards, and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). Payment is expected at the time of service.

If you are interested in finding out what your copay would be for therapy services with me, contact your insurance company and ask the following questions.

1. Do I have out of network beneftis? Plans vary and coverage may or may not be available to you depending on the plan you have.

2. What is my out of network deductible? This will tell you how much you need to pay out of pocket before insurance begins to reimburse you for your sessions.

3. How much of my out of network deductible has already been met?

4. Do you cover counseling services? Depending on the policy, your insurance might utilize a different system or have a different deductible for mental health services. Ask if they cover code 90837 or 90834 (for individual counseling only).

5. How do I submit for reimbursement? Clients are typically provided with what is called a Superbill by their therapist to submit to their insurance company for direct reimbursement. A Superbill is a document that includes dates of service, a diagnosis code, a CPT code, and your therapist’s NPI and EIN numbers. Typically, these are submitted through snail mail and in some cases, by fax. 

6. How long do I have to submit my superbill?

OON Benfits Checker
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